Written By Super User Slam Da Breaks

This year saw a monumental year of Kinect releases and we can almost expect the same for 2012. In fact there was so many it was hard to keep up which were easy games or complete bollocks. So what can we expect for 2012? Apart for a few notable Kinect games, lets look ahead for our prediction of Easy Achievement Games 2012...

Some of these games below have not been fully confirmed for 2012 and their titles may also change.


Sans a couple of the first Lego Star Wars, EVERY Lego game has been easy achievements. The fact that also EVERY Lego game has EXACTLY the same gameplay, you know EXACTLY what you are getting. Due sometime in 2012 - although everyone I ask is saying not sure - get ready to once again to smash everything, build and collect studs. This time we also get to play Superman and Wonder Woman.


I can't see this being any good but I can see this being super easy achievements. Most stable franchises have not released a full Kinect game - apart from tiny gesture waving as in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier or deeply shamefully buried features Halo CE Anniversary - so Fable: The Journey will kind of be the first franchise to push the boat out. Announced as a First Person Shooter , you will be waving your hands to do magic and I expect to finish the game in under five hours.


Another Kinect game however how many times have you practiced shooting the hoop with an invisible ball? Not many. But if this turns out to be like any other NBA title where you can change your stats to super star skills in the gameplay options, then this has the potential to be super easy points.


There's definitely a new live action TMNT movie coming out and there's also hope for new video game to go with it. The last TMNT game you could burn through in under five hours with no collectibles to slow you down. It would be absolutely profane for them to do otherwise with the new game.


What's better than a super easy Disney Pixar game? How about FIVE of them all in the one game? Not too sure exactly why they have called this game Kinect Rush but it may be because you can complete it under five hours.


If you don't know Minecraft, it's a sandbox game where you build stuff. Sounds easy enough except you have to survive eating pork chops and not get eaten by monsters or fall into lava. Actually it is a little bit more complicated than that and you are probably asking why this game - which is heading for the Xbox 360 around spring 2012 - be listed as easy. Once again you build stuff, how hard can that be?


Not exactly a triple A title, but you really can't go wrong with Ice Age games for easy achievements. The last game clocked in under four hours easily and had the word rent written all over it. If I had to take an intelligent educated guess, come July 2012, the word rent will also be written all over this one.