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Thread: BF3 glitches or problems

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    Default BF3 glitches or problems

    Good morning everyone I appologise if there is a thread about glitches with BF3. If so u moderators can merge it with the other. I give you written consent LOL. An unusual glitch i got yesterday was I hit a guy on multiplayer with my jeep and for the next 3 mins he was a hood (or bonnet for you UK players) ornament . too funny. Im also still finding players floating but i presume that will be fixed. Has anyone else had any unusual experiences/glitches?

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    Yeah there are lots when I have been in a squad and spawned by a sniper, if he was on a hill or ledge he was often floating about 4 feet in the air.

    Last night we had a party of 8 played 4v4 we got an invincibility glitch, it happened to me twice and a few others guys we had to commit suicide ro make it stop. It was like GOD MODE all enemies shot all ammo and grenades still could not die lol. Now don't ask how we got it but i will try and explain. Everybody playing on both teams as medics with defibs we split up 2v2 & 2v2 we took turns shoot a guy then get shot team mate defibs revives you then he gets shot you defib revive him rinse & repeat. We did this for about 20 mins and got about 40k xp, this will be a great way to boost levels ribbons etc.

    It's very easy go boost you can pick what server you want, region, map, then 2 squads of 4 just pick the same server by number it's simple.

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    Geez, Ireland, crazy boosting there, haha. Since you're a mod, and i no longer own the game now, maybe you could edit the MP components of my guide for BF3 with boosting tips where appropriate? <3

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    Talking BF3 Post patch glitch

    Here is a glitch my friend and myself found. How it happened:
    Committed suicide by hitting ground to hard (parachute was deployed), then was revived, causing the animation to lock up.

    This was after the most recent patch.

    Here is a link to the video showing the glitch if you are interested, mind the quality

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